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There are 3 different options for taking this product. You may choose the option you prefer:

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Option 1  (Taking capsules whole)Simply take the capsules with water, spreading them out across the day, using the same step-up schedule outlined below in “Dosages.”You may take your dosages with or without food, without being preferable for slightly higher absorption.Option 2  (Dissolving capsules in water)(Shaking the capsule contents in a water bottle) This Option is for those who cannot swallow capsules, or for those who prefer not to swallow capsules. For some individuals with digestive dysfunction, using this option of suspending (shaking) the capsule contents in water first, may ensure a slightly higher level of absorption of the agents into the bloodstream, verses just swallowing the capsules. Note: This absorption fact applies to ANY pill or capsule suspended in water, not just this product. Taste preference: The product has a very slight taste. Nine out of ten users drink it in water. A squeeze of lemon may be added. No-sugar-added Grape, Cranberry, Apple juice, or children’s juices may also be used. Any healthy, thin liquid will suffice. Do not mix in soda, alcohol, milk, or hot beverages. How to mix the product in liquid: Take a 16 ounce water bottle (spring or filtered water preferred) and pour out approximately three ounces. (This gives you enough room to shake the contents.) You may use room temperature or refrigerated water. Room temperature water dissolves the product with less shaking. The product will never dissolve completely. Refrigerating the mixed daily dosage bottle is not necessary. Use your preference. There is no limit on the amount of water you may use to mix the product, or drink daily in conjunction with the product. Drink plenty of water. How to empty the capsule into the bottle: (Using a small funnel is preferred) While holding the capsule firmly by the ends over the bottle or funnel, gently twist and pull it apart, and empty the contents into the liquid by rolling the two capsule halves back and forth between your fingers. Discard the empty capsule. This becomes easier as you do it a few times. When shaken thoroughly, the product will dissolve enough to easily drink, but it will never dissolve 100%.  It will always settle again on the bottom, therefore, always shake the bottle before drinking each dosage. The drop capsule method: If you have arthritis or difficulty working with your hands, you may drop the whole capsule in the bottle. If you use this drop capsule method, it is preferable to drop the capsules in the water bottle the night before. This method provides plenty of time for the capsules to soften, and subsequently less shaking is required prior to drinking.Option 3  (Sprinkling powder in food (Primarily for children))If your child will not swallow capsules (option 1), or drink the product shaken in water or juice (option2), you may open the capsule and mix the powder in applesauce, baby-food, formula, yogurt, or other foods. Children over 60 pounds should take the full recommended dosage. Children under 60 pounds can take half dosages. Children under 30 pounds can take quarter dosages.


Dosages (Option 2, Mixing) Day 1: In the morning, empty One (1) capsule into the bottle. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously. Simply shake the bottle, then drink the dosage periodically throughout the day, every two, three, or four hours, and finish the bottle before you retire. Always shake vigorously before drinking. Timing is flexible. Precise time intervals are NOT necessary.  Just spread out the dosage, keeping the product in your blood stream as best as possible, and finish the bottle before you go to bed. The active ingredients will stay in the blood stream for up to 4 hours. The bottle need Not be refrigerated. You may drink your dosages with or without food, without being preferable for slightly higher absorption.


The Loading Phase:  (stepping up slowly to prevent detoxification discomfort.)

Day 1:  See “Day 1” paragraph above. (If you are using Option 1, then simply swallow the capsules spread across the day.)

Day 2:  In the morning, empty Two (2) capsules into the bottle.  All else, same procedure as Day 1.

Day 3:  In the morning, empty Three (3) capsules into the bottle.  All else, same procedure as Day 1.

Day 4:  In the morning, empty Four (4) capsules into the bottle.  All else, same procedure as Day 1.

Day 5:  In the morning, empty Five (5) capsules into the bottle.  All else, same procedure as Day 1.

Day 6:  In the morning, empty Six (6) capsules into the bottle.  All else, same procedure as Day 1.

Day 7:  In the morning, empty Seven (7) capsules into the bottle.  All else, same procedure as Day 1.

Day 8:  In the morning, empty Eight (8) capsules into the bottle.  All else, same procedure as Day 1.


Phase 2: Day 9 and onward:  Remain at a minimum of eight (8) capsules daily and consistently while communicating with support when questions arise. Higher daily dosages may be taken.


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